Despite the fact we were almost the last to visit on the Sunday, the receptionist was very helpful, friendly and smiling. The radiographer on duty was friendly and efficient – both helped to calm any nerves.

Dr MacDonald was very understanding and made me feel at ease. She explained what the ultrasound showed on the screen. I didn’t feel at all rushed at any point.

An absolutely charming and highly efficient young lady was on duty when I arrived. She managed my reception with a very professional balance of efficiency and relaxed charm.

Everything was perfect: I got quick access to the images and the report was done within a few hours of the scan (very impressive as it was Sunday Night!). The late appointment time on Sunday was very good to be able to have – my client was an international VIP only in London for a couple of days so the fact I could see & treat them within that time meant a huge difference in the care I could give them whilst they were in the UK. There was a good follow up re: potential serious pathology flagged up to me so I could action this.

The two radiographers were very kind as I was upset after my scan (I think it was relief that I’d got through it!). Very compassionate people.

Everyone was so accommodating and the report was forwarded within two days.

The service cannot be faulted in any way. Excellent all round.

Staff were exceptional. Reception staff were super efficient & welcoming. Staff looking after my arrival to the MRI suite were warm & caring.

I felt especially thankful to the staff who looked after me when I went to get ready and during the scan. I was quite nervous but they were extremely supportive and kind.

The gentleman who showed me where to get ready and took me to the scan was kind and caring. Also ensuring that my sister who was with me was informed as to my progress. Very much appreciated.

Every member of staff I met demonstrated excellent customer service, they were all respectful, helpful, cheerful and always professional. It really was quite busy when I was there and the¬†staff managed to achieve this excellent service with a smile despite the fact they were so busy. One of the other customers commented on how lovely the staff were so I wasn’t the only one there that day who noticed this.

The report was clear and concise, I am very pleased with the service.