What is it?

It can often be difficult to quickly arrange an appointment with a doctor that is convenient to you – this is why we offer consultations with a Consultant Pain Specialist. You can have an initial assessment with a Consultant over the phone to get you on the fastest course to treatment. If a scan is required, the Consultant will also provide you a referral for an appointment, along with a follow-up phone consultation and recommendation letter of further treatment.

Is this service for me?

If you have anything troubling you regarding your health and want to get to the cause of the problem quickly, this service is for you. Appointments can be arranged on the evening of the day of your enquiry at a time convenient to you. You need to be over 18 years of age, and have a registered UK address.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the consultation including follow up is £100.

The price of the follow-up treatment, if required, will depend on the type of treatment and the provider.

What is included?

The first stage of this service includes a 15 minute telephone appointment with a Consultant Pain Specialist.

If a scan or further treatment is required after the initial consultation, a referral for the scan or treatment will be provided.

Finally, a follow-up consultation and recommendation letter will be provided.

Can I have a face-to-face appointment?

Consultations are held over the phone in order to keep them convenient to you. In certain circumstances however, the Consultant may decide that it would be best to have an in-person consultation in order to get you on the most appropriate treatment pathway. In this case, the Consultant organises consultations independently of London Imaging Centre.

Get in touch

If you would like to arrange a telephone consultation, or to speak to one of our team regarding this service, please call us on 020 7042 1888 or email us at help@london-imaging.co.uk.

Make A Telephone Enquiry

Please note: full payment will be required for appointments that are cancelled less than 48 hours before they are scheduled, in line with our Cancellation Policy.