We have launched a new – flexible – approach to price

This means that the cost of a scan will now depend on when you choose to book and what type of scan it is (modality, area of body and region). We offer the most affordable MRI, DXA, X-Ray and Ultrasound scans in London throughout the week.

The current most affordable price for MRI is £190*; for X-Ray is £38*; Ultrasound – £237.50* and DXA – £61.75*.

Call us on  020 7042 1888 or log into our portal to see all the prices live.

* Our current price with a 5% discount applied if pre-paid online on our portal.

Make A Telephone Enquiry

Having trouble paying on our online portal to get a 5% discount?

When you or your referring clinician create a referral, you should receive an email with a link to sign up to our secure online portal. Once you have logged in to the portal you can see all the details of your referral and make payment.

To do so, click on ‘Manage My Scans’ or ‘My Referrals’. They both take you to the same place.

Click on the referral number to see the appointment details.



Click on ‘Make Payment’.


Make sure your details are correct, then click on ‘Pay Now’.