Images from Albert’s Left Knee MRI scan

William came into contact with London Imaging Centre because his son, Albert, sustained an injury playing rugby. They had an 8am appointment on Friday 15th May with Six Physio, a Physiotherapy Clinic based in London, who referred Albert to London Imaging Centre for an MRI scan.

Six Physio use London Imaging Centre’s online Portal to refer patients, so by the time William and Albert got home at around 9:30am there was an email from London Imaging Centre, inviting William to create a Portal account and book the scan, which he immediately did. He was able to see all the live prices and availability on the Portal, so he booked a time and day that suited him; Thursday 24th May.

William got a phone call about half an hour later to check that the booking process had been smooth and easy, and that he was happy with his booking. He said, ‘It was a really slick operation; there is nothing that could improve it any further!’


On the day of the appointment, William and Albert arrived at about 2 minutes to 8am, and checked in with the ‘friendly’ receptionist. After a few minutes Albert was taken into the MRI room, and briefed on what the scan would involve.

Although Albert had had an MRI scan before, William noted that it was nice to know exactly what was going to happen, and to be given the option to ask any questions, and went on to say that ‘The guy doing the scan was really thorough, and the clinic was spotlessly clean.’

The scan took around 15 minutes, and afterwards they waited around 10 minutes to collect the CD of Albert’s scan images from the Reception desk. They were told that the images would be immediately be available for Six Physio, and that was it! ‘The process could not have been any easier; it was fabulous!’


The report was acknowledged by Six Physio on the Friday morning, (having been created on the day), and, since it was Bank Holiday Weekend, they got in touch on Tuesday 29th May, saying that they had looked over the report, and William and Albert went in and saw them that day. William said, ‘We didn’t have to do any chasing, or any following up with anyone, so the whole process was so smooth.’


Albert’s recovery from his injury is going well, and he is being given bi-weekly exercises to strengthen the quads. William really stressed the ‘superb service’ that he received from London Imaging Centre, and was amazed at the quick, efficient and professional treatment that Albert received.

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