We are pleased to announce the latest innovations to our services!

As you know, London Imaging Centre has offered affordable, assured, and accessible diagnostic imaging since 2012, always staying true to our commitment to the same reasonable prices while pushing the latest methods and technologies. We serve people who would rather not wait for a scan.
From the Harley Street district, the heart of private healthcare in London, we are proud to offer MRI, X-ray Ultrasound, and DXA services to help clinicians diagnose medical issues with as little fuss, bother, and expense to you as possible.

We have re-examined our pricing and decided that we could handle these slow times of the day in a way that is even healthier for everyone – referrers and patients.
From March, we are offering a higher ratio of affordable scans during the week. Prices are decided depending on the body part scanned, the day and time of the appointment, and how busy we feel we will be at this time. Accordingly, prices will vary throughout the week.
To give you a sample dose of our thinking – presently, our most affordable slot is priced at £190*, for the first time this is offered during the week as well as the weekend. As ever, the prescription we would give you is referring and booking online using our dependable TREVOR portal for best convenience. All available slots and prices will be laid out clearly to you – Flexible, Affordable, Accessible, and Assured! This new approach to pricing, Project Alan, will encompass standard and non-standard MRIs as well as all other modalities: X-rays, DXAs and Ultrasounds.

We are open till 8-10 pm weekdays and 8-8 pm weekends for MRIs – almost as good as a house call.
The Director of the London Imaging Centre, Leslie Clark, says, “We can [now] provide our renowned accessible service to even more patients and referrers.”
Onward and upward.

*Our current price for a standard MRI scan with a 5% discount applied if pre-paid online on TREVOR.

  1. tahera says:

    Hi i would like to have the below scan , please advise of the cost for this

    MRI scan for Brain + IAMS (Inner Ears) + Neck (Cervical Spine).

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